most of these sessions are ONLINE, safely in your own environment

.Past life & Inner child healing

.Pain Management & Mindful Movement &Dance

.Positive body image coaching

.Find your power animal/ Spirit guide

Introduction session 50% off

I am a Super feeler and a seer. The intensity I work with, might not work for you.

I work with Sensitive Eccentric Alchemists. The highly sensitive and shy people. Hiding away in there caves, or feeling that something is missing in there lives, but just can not lay there finger on what it is, whatever they have tried. They have tried a lot already, worked on themselves, but there is still not enough changing happening to feel


Are you one of those people, that always have been told that you are “to much, to sensitive, to weird, to weak, not able to?”, but deep down you know that you are just fine, you just have not find the acceptance


Ready to free the webs, entangling you to the past, holding you back from being truly authentic? Or yearning to feel confident and “home” in your body, mind and soul? If you are that person and want to serve the earth with your full potential, I am probably right for you.

5 personalised sessions (including the intro session) is mostly enough to transform the deepest blocks into a


We will find out together what your main problems are in the introduction, to start this healing journey, without keeping you down ~under, in the pain of your past for to long. At the most you re-experience a trauma or event for about 30 minutes. In a light trance state, you will experience the emotions deep and when it is very dark, you might need a few more sessions, but most often only one session will clear the emotional attachment you have to the subjects you decide to work on. In fact, even ONE Past life regression session, can completely turn you life around!

I am not for everyone. If you are someone who wants to be saved, fixed and not willing to invest in yourself, or wanting something else from me then my offerings, you are probably not right for me either.

that is why an introduction session is really helpful. We both will find out if we are comfortable with each other. when we do decide to continue, I create a package for you that is completely personalised to your needs, this means that this way of healing is magnified and very fast changes will happen. 4 sessions will follow. In the near future there will be advanced programs and group sessions available. For now, I am exited to work one to one, into this intense beautiful deep healing sessions, with you. You are in for a treat. It is not just therapy, I am offering, we possibly laugh and you will be surprised how easy it is to find your way into healing.

BOOK a 50% off Introduction session here

A Talk about the essence of  healing  through sensing within Nature.

Get a sense in this 5 minute if Sophia is the right healer/Coach for you.

.Past life/Inner child healing,

with embodied Hypnotherapy

Can you imagine this???

That there is a way, to change your most deepest shadow into light? It can be done in just one session with me!

And on top of healing your deepest pains, I draw your Souls’s essence. I am able to see it, draw and paint it.

This is for you when you stumble upon very difficult problem(s),  so deeply hidden, that you have no memories of the source.  Those negative echo’s of the past, are influencing your daily life  and whatever you tried is not working.

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