.5 Rhythms classes

.Private 1-1 Pain~free Mindful Movement



A freestyle dance improvisation, for people to explore there own unique artistry within movement and dance

We where moving before we where breathing air.

It is every~bodies birth right to move free, to be confident in our bodies and to experience joy, sensuality, creativity and exploring all the bodies;

Mind~, Physical and the Spiritual Body.

Classes are for all abilities and ages, no matter if you never danced before, or have danced your whole life. The classes are attended  by a lovely creative, eccentric community and I invite you to first arrive in your own body, then explore relationship with the space and other dancers. Sometimes these deep dances turn into spiritual theatre, sometimes Spirit is rising above the creating and you can disappear into trance, to become present in the moment.


is moving you beyond the action



I create a safe space for emotions to be expressed and hold strong boundaries, as I am not tolerating unwanted (sexual, or other unwanted ) behaviour. Although I am also a contact improvisation teacher, this class is not about that, unless I decide it to be the subject. If people need to say or gesture ;’No”, or “please no touch”, that is perfectly fine and I invite you to explore ‘hands on work’ for healing purposes.  

In summer the doors to the fields will be open ( when it is warm) and there is an option to move outside.

Contemporary Dance Collective

Dance for all

A Tuesday morning class, run by a variety of contemporary dance teachers to explore your own creative moves, have a great work-out and taste a wide variety of modern dance approaches with following your own improvised moves, being led by Awesome teachers.

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10-11.15 am

£10,- in cash

Shawfield@Laughton Lodge, off Common Lane


more about 5 Rhythms

Gabrielle Roth, the founder of 5 Rhythms and my Spiritual mama, explains here the calmer side of 5 Rhythms, the inner wave.

she has been working with me individually, as her ginny pig for this film and a few others you can find on you tube.

I am 3 Months pregnant in this film

Pain~free Mindful Movement

Online 1-1 sessions of 1-2 hours to love your body.

I coach you into meditative exercise, helping you to get back into movement and to transform negative sensations into positive self image.

Chronic pain, fatigue and other reasons, can bring up up fear, strong enough, that moving into a positive body experience seems overwhelming.

As a pain management master, living with chronic pain and fatigue myself, I can truly tell you that there is a way to get as healthy as can be. Careful and joyful mindful exercising, hypnotherapy, EFT and embodied visualisation techniques, all help to get confident and feeling safe in your body. The exercises will flow into a freeform of movement towards dance, a natural twist in your sensations of perceiving yourself that is truly exceptionally freeing.

Moving towards being completely physically free, emotionally creative and spiritually present.

I will personalise a package, that suits your unique needs. Besides the individual guidance, you will receive video’s, with easy to follow steps, to do at home towards healing yourself.

It will usually take 5 sessions to learn to establish your own unique routine, baseline ( that what you can do without pain that is limiting) and slowly building up strength, flexibility and energy.

first session HALF PRICE


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