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explore your inner Nature through art, bringing the woods, in your home, or yourself / loved one in Nature on canvas.

A lot of my paintings take over 3 years to create. When I work within my amazing muse, Nature, forgetting time and space, the environment guides me and I , myself dissapear.

When people and especially there Soul essence are the models for my art work, I create portraits within favourite landscapes.


I am able to look into your soul, while coaching you in a healing session. I draw your essence and give it to you optionally. The cost of sending them is separate. Receiving the original drawing whoever has much more healing and vibrant value. Drawings are in between £200,- and £400,-

Receiving light from Arch~ Angel Gabriel


The above pictures from left to right, shows the energy and a clear likeness of the client, receiving energy from her Spirit guide. The middle picture shows the client with the Sun and Butterfly guides and the next picture shows the client with his own inner child hugged-up, His Grandmother and Crow as spirit guides, helping this inner child trauma to release of its luggage.

Drawings of the Essence of your Soul, is not just an illustration of the story of a Past life that you are visiting with the help of my coaching. It is a stilled moment of an important moment, that represent what it was about and what you now, in this current life  have retrieved. A memoir for lost moments to recapture the skills, the talents. Working with me will open up your senses and rewire the brain to cope better with more ease and freedom. These are uniquely created just for you.

The woman in the first picture was being guided by her elders to work the ground, garden and to find food in the wild. With respect for the natural world, the person who had this past life can now remember that that is a skill she has and it is easy to re~learn those forgotten skills if they wish to develop them.

This life in the cold North, with family exposed to all sort of dangers, gives a constant feeling of ; having to protect the others in the current as well as in this past life of the second picture. Having that insight and understanding why this feeling is dominating in the current life of this client, makes them having a clear choice to let the caretaker archetype soften and to look after themselves first.

This 3th picture is of someone who currently feels that they are not having a voice. She visited a life where she was “kept “ by someone. in order to have time for herself she hid in a cave, where she created a safe space to humm into singing. In her current life she is finding her own unique ways to have a saying in life now, to sing again and feeling happy with what freedoms are given to her now.


soul vision Paintings

I paint your Souls essence into your favourite environment. This is one of the highest vibrating gifts, you could give yourself or a loved one.

A personalised painting in OIL ON CANVAS is around £3000,-


In usually, about 3 sessions, the first being 2 hours, the next two 1 hour, we find out your souls essence and you sit for me to get some real features, your personality, costume or favourite clothing on the painting I create. this is an intimate time, where I truly see you. A healing time, beyond your imagination and a beautiful painting in oil on canvas as a  result.


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