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my name is Sophia Campeau-Ferman and here is my personal story

I am a highly sensitive “super feeler”. living a wonderful and intensely deep feeling life, in the face of pain, I like to share more of my story here.

I am born to serve the Natural world and to help people to connect deeply with their purpose. loving and respecting themselves, will connect human nature with the plant, tree and animal beings.

My healing DNA sensations are made up of three ingredients;

Dance, Nature and Art

They tell you about my qualities as a


a highly sensitised


and somebody who lives with all 5 senses (seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and tasting) developed on a higher frequency than most people. The 6th sense; clairvoyance is opening~up more and more. Through simply accepting my high sensitive sensations and with retrieving lost abilities through past life regression healing and inner child trauma healing, I became a super feeler. It is not easy to be that sensitive and can be very overwhelming at times.

My most powerful healing moment has been when I revisited my last past life. I did not only recovered my essence and main qualities from that life and many others, it changed my life overnight and now I live with clear purpose, understanding what I am here on earth for. The never ending process of clearing and healing is fascinating to me.

It is surprisingly easy. Once we are ready to dive deep into the hidden treasures of the sub~ and un~conscious we can find the guidance of Spirit guides and Power animals. The guidance is already there, around us. It is because I have healed my own dark path, that I can help as many people as is possible. I can help find their purpose. Heal the blocks that are holding back free flowing happy living. Excepting the holistic person with all its imperfections. And all of this, in order to serve the earth and make a real impact.

My son calls me:”Truly highly sensitive”, he says it with such warmth, it makes me glow inside.

The nurturing ALCHEMIST

My Archetype is the Alchemist. if I had a shop, it would be a magical apothecary in the middle of the woods. The wild, adventures ingredients I would use, to make up magical potions. Helping others communicate with all natural beings in order to respect and love deeper. This would safe the world, for sure.

I am also a nurturing mum of 4 and a grandmother. Having quit a lot of younger people around, who experience me as there “other mum” making me an archetypical nurturing mother. At the same time, I never truly grow up into an adult. It is possibly why I get on so well with teens and young adults. Mentoring vulnerable young adults, to make their artistic and impactful dreams come true is a passion and when people work with me, 10% of the money they pay me, goes to a funding for young adults that I coach.

 I also coach young people, families and adults into Nature connection and have a Forestschool for home schooled older children.

I have been teaching “Gabrielle Roths” 5 Rhythms dance, for more then 33 years to all ages, helping people to find the

“discipline to be a free spirit”

Nature Advocacy & Art as the “Wounded Healer” of my Childhood

From as long as I can remember, I was able to communicate with animals, plants and trees. Most of my favourite pass time I spend in the woods, as a kid. My ‘normal’ was to learn axing wood at 5, walking away at 3 and being found 3 kilometres away. My mum had not even noticed I was missing, that is how normal it was to be hours on my own in the woods. I regularly stumbled upon herds of red Deer and wild Boar and learned what to eat and not to eat, how to look after and respect the wild from my Elders and mentors.

Drawing, I did before I could speak. I drew and painted myself through my school years (I hated school, but looking back I had such good schooling compared with what is on offer now-a-days)

I had a hard time, being a dyslexic and having chronic migraines, dislocations, concussions and ended up many times in hospital. Only in my 40’s it became apparent that most of my physical problems had basically one underlying cause; EDS with a lot of sister conditions.

My beloved Dad died very young, at the time I was just starting to explore the inner ‘moody teenager’ and had to grow up instantly.  Being the eldest of my siblings in a dysfunctional family, I took on a lot of the caring and learned to suppress my own feelings deep inside, trying to be strong.

I have been sexual abused by more then 20 different men. This happened over 10 years, between 13 and 23 years of age. Something shifted in this cycle when at 23, when I knocked someone who was trying to rape me, unconscious. Still, the attacks of sexual and physical nature kept happening as if I was attracting it. Only now, as a ‘supposed adult’ of over 50, I truly have healed my fear of men and feel confident that my clearer boundaries will have stopped the attacks.

Hypermobile EDS

living with hyper mobile EDS, a connective tissue disorder

means chronic pain (24/7) and fatigue

This is an inherited condition and there is no cure.

I am however a pain management master now, as I have found my way to deal as best as possible with the physical and emotional pain that goes with EDS and have founded Pain~free Mindful Movement as a meditative exercise discipline to manage the symptoms. More on this subject you can find at the the Healing and Dance pages.

I can see into your soul and draw your essence

Self portret ink on canvas

My two spiritual Dance teachers

Gabrielle Roth(USA), the founder of 5 Rhythms


Surprapto Suryodarmo , Amerta movement and stillness master (Indonesia).

You are lucky if you ever meet one being, that you truly can call your teacher. I am very blessed, I had two in my life. Off course, I have many more people mentoring me and my students are part of that, but if you would ask me, who are the ones that really profoundly had impact on my life?

It is both Gabrielle, my spiritual mother, my guide and the person who coached me out of my cave and seducing me to dance my full free spirit into life. I was in apprenticeship of Prapto’s for many years and was attracted to his work in Nature and sacred places with ritual theatre. I have performed with both teachers in places like The Netherlands, the UK,Turkey and the United States.

When I was young, Gabrielle asked me to stay in NY and I did. two years I lived there, a very happy, creative time I had. The healing, dancing and artistic creations where of the highest frequency, being shared and helping a lot of people finding there dancing feet into artistry.

One of my best weeks in my life was when my two movement and spiritual teachers came together. A handful of people shared food, danced, shared, healed and witnessed the meeting between these two beautiful spirits that now possibly keep on discussing what really matters and dance up there, in the space between worlds.


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